Immigration officials have dropped a deportation case against a Venezuelan

man legally married to a New Jersey graduate student.

Josh Vanderin, 30, of Princeton N.J., married his boyfriend of five years,

Henry Velandia, 27, a Latin dancer, on August 29, 2010 in Montville,


However, the Defense of Marriage Act does not recognize civil unions and

officials denied Velandia legal residency.

“There are so many couples like us; they’re being separated because they are

gay,” said Vanderin.

“If DOMA were repealed, then our marriage would be treated equally.”

After months of campaigning, Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked the

Immigration Court to "administratively close" Velandia’s case.

The couples’ lawyer, Lavi Soloway, says this is the first time officials

have called off such a case.

“It’s an incredible relief,” said Vanderin.

“Now we can build a future together.”