Former NY1 star Dominic Carter was sentenced Thursday to a month in jail for punching, kicking and choking his wife at their home in October 2008.

The tearful former host of “Inside City Hall,” was led away in handcuffs. He was also ordered to stay away from his wife for two years and attend domestic violence classes.

At a trial in October 2009, Carter’s wife, Marilyn Carter, recanted her initial version of the attack, testifying she had lied when telling cops that her husband had beaten her.


She explained she actually had been assaulted by a day laborer and continued Thursday to defend her husband in court. But Rockland County Judge Arnold Etelson didn’t believe the couple’s story.

“What you and your wife presented at court was a pack of lies,” Etelson said, according to a New York Daily News report.

During the sentencing, the judge reportedly gave Carter a copy of an article about actor Matt Damon in which he expresses his views on honesty and humility. Something he said that Carter should focus on.