Five Archdiocesan priests in 2011 report 'unsuitable for ministry'

Seven more priests investigated, five deemed "unsuitable for ministry."

Archbishop Charles Chaput. Rikard Larma/METRO Archbishop Charles Chaput. Rikard Larma/METRO


Five Archdiocesan priests were removed for good from their parish positions after a board decided allegations that surfaced in a February 2011 Grand Jury report of sexual abuse were legitimate.



In March 2011, 26 priests were suspended while the Archdiocese investigated the sexual abuse claims brought in the Grand Jury report. Since May, an Archdiocesan board has been investigating a few claims at a time. So far, more than half have been permanently removed from their parishes. Only one more case is pending.


Archbishop Charles J. Chaput announced Sunday that out of seven priests recently investigated, two were deemed suitable for ministry.

The details of the allegations were not released.

"Those priests found unsuitable for ministry will have no public ministry in the Archdiocese," according to a news release.

Priests removed

The following five were found to be "unsuitable" for service:

- Rev. Mark E. Fernandes, 40.

- Rev. Joseph M. Glatts, 75.

- Rev. Stephen B. Perzan, 68.

- Rev. Peter J. Talocci, 54.

- Rev. Michael A. Chapman, 58.


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