The "Wall of Names" at the Flight 93 Memorial. Credit: Wikimedia Commons The "Wall of Names" at the Flight 93 Memorial. Credit: U.S. National Parks Service

The Pennsylvania plot of land where Flight 93 crashed on 9/11 would be appropriately valued at $1.5 million, a federal judge ruled today, possibly concluding an eminent domain fight between the federal government which took the land and its original owner.

Property owner Michael Svonavec reportedly sought $23 million for his Western Pa. property, which is the planned site for construction of a memorial to the people aboard Flight 93, which was hijacked on 9/11 and crashed, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

The federal government seized the 275 acres in 2009 through eminent domain and offered Svonavec $610,000. An eminent domain review board later ruled that $1.53 million was the correct price tag, which a Western Pennsylvania federal judge approved today.


The land is now a U.S National Park and features the "Wall of Names" memorial.

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