An allegation of a foul fragrance at a South Shore restaurant and lounge apparently led to a bathroom beat down.

Police are seeking help and are trying to identify three men responsible for a fight that involved some bad bathroom behavior.

The incident took place about 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Stix & Stones, a pool hall in Abington. Police recently posted surveillance images of the suspects online.

The assault occurred when one of the suspects caught wind of the victim allegedly telling other pool hall patrons that the suspect had used the bathroom and “stunk” the establishment with a foul odor, according to police.


After the airing of grievances, the suspect accused of the foul odor and two friends confronted the victim in the bathroom and
assaulted him, police said. The man was hit and kicked by all the men and complained of bruises and soreness and had a cut above his eye, said Deputy Chief Christopher Cutter.

The beat down was so bad that the victim had to be taken to a hospital for his injuries.

It is believed that the men then fled the pool hall in a pick-up truck, Cutter said.

Police described all three suspects as light-skinned men. The first suspect who accused the victim of spreading the odor rumors was described as being short in height with a large build. The second suspect is medium in height with a small build and the third suspect is described as medium in both height and build. Cutter said police believe the suspect wearing a baseball hat is named Danny and that the other suspect pictured with him is named Jimmy.

(Suspects 2 and 3)

All three men are wanted for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the crime can call 781-878-3232.

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