A week-long search for a missing Boston College student has come up inconclusive so far.


Officials are puzzled by the disappearance of 21-year-old Franco Garcia, who went missing Feb. 22 after a night out with friends at Mary Ann's bar in Brighton.


The desperate search has gained the attention of the Boston community, as well as some major celebrities.


Musician Bruce Springsteen posted a message on his Facebook page today asking for the public's help with the investigation.


"Help find missing Boston College student Franco Garcia," Springsteen wrote on his wall.

Springsteen's son, Evan, attends the Newton-based school.

Despite the snowfall today, police also continued to look for Garcia.

For the third day straight divers from the Massachusetts State Police Underwater Recovery unit scoured the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in their search for clues into Garcia's whereabouts.

A ping from a cell phone tower showed Garcia was near the body of water around 1:15 a.m. the night he disappeared. That was the last signal picked up by his phone, according to police.

Anyone with information about Garcia's disappearance is urged to call 617-796-2100.