A Craigslist poster is offering a literal truck load of free pillows to anyone who cares to show up and claim them.

We can only assume the free pillows are remnants from International Pillow Fight 2012 this past Saturday. Revelers gathered in Washington Square Park, beating each other with soft down head cushions in a show of pillow fight freedom.

The aftermath, though, is hundreds of unclaimed pillows that one Craigslister is looking to give away to someone, anyone.

"Hundreds of free pillows in my 14' U-Haul truck. It is parked at the corner of McKibbin St. and White St. in Bushwick," the poster said. "This is a pillow extravaganza!"


Indeed it is. The photo attached to the ad includes two vibrant looking young people donning bunny eared-top hats. They grin happily in front of a mound of pillows of every shape, size and variety.

The truck is wide open now for anyone who wants to mosey on down and claim themselves some pillows.

"No need to arrange a time. The pillows will not run out," the poster said.

Brave souls who fear not bed bugs or small pox can head down and get 'em while they're hot.

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