Fulton Center

Downtown Manhattan's Fulton Center is nearly complete.

A massive MTA project will come to its ceremonious end on November 10, as the Financial District's Fulton Center opens for service at 5 a.m.


The transit hub has faced push-backs for several years, with previous projections aiming for completion in 2007, 2011, and most recently, June of this year. While the latest holdup was caused by "testing delays and unfinished elevators," the Fulton Center is finally ready for its public unveiling.


In addition to housing 10 subway lines, the $1.4 billion space will also eventually contain 25,000 square feet of shops and restaurants within an ultra-modern structure equipped with a 90-foot-wide skylight, air conditioning, digital video screens, a massive mezzanine dubbed the "mixing bowl" and easy connecting passages to nearby trains.


Once open, the Fulton Center will serve as Downtown's answer to Grand Central Station, raising the conveniency of inner city and outer borough transportation.An opening ceremony for the Fulton Center is scheduled for Sunday, November 9, with exact time and guests to be announced.