14859366848_6ef4269778_o G train service between Brooklyn and Queens resumed Tuesday after five weeks of construction. Photo credit: MTA

G train service between Brooklyn and Queens returned as planned on Tuesday after several stops were closed for five weeks.

Stating on July 25, crews began repairing the Greenpoint Tubes, which were damaged two years ago when Superstorm Sandy flooded the tracks with 3 million gallons of salt water.

The Greenpoint Avenue stop in Brooklyn and 21st Street and Court Square stops in Queens were closed, and replaced by shuttle buses.


The MTA said Tuesday that crews installed 14,000 feet of continuous welded rails and cleaned 9,000 feet of track during the closure. Electrical cables and wires were installed, and insulators repaired on the third rail.New tunnel lighting was installed, stairways were repaired and stations re-painted, among other repairs.

“Superstorm Sandy’s devastating impact on our Subway network posed a challenge never before faced by our organization, however we rose to this challenge and are rebuilding our system better and stronger than before,” NYC Transit President Carmen Bianco said.

Last week, elected officials and subway riders rallied, calling on the MTA to keep a transfer between the Broadway G and Lorimer J and M stops. The free transfer ended on Tuesday, an MTA spokeswoman said.

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