Photo via  Wikimedia Commons


An Easton man is recovering after impaling himself with a pitchfork.


The 20-year-old man called emergency services himself after the accident, which occurred while he was mulching a garden. The pitchfork went through his toe and out the other side of his left foot.


Firefighter/paramedics William Fralick and Timothy Vamosiarrived at the house Tuesday morning to find the mansprawled on the ground with about six inches of pitchfork tine impaling a toe on his left foot and sticking out the other side, according to Wicked Local.


The paramedics cut off the shoe around the wound.


“He was in good shape. He’s a very tough kid,” Fralick told Wicked Local.

Despite the painful experience, Fralick and Vamosi said the victim managed to stay in high spirits.

“I think he was more upset that he lost a pair of shoes,” Vamosi told Wicked Local.