Did you ever think that the legendary voices of WFNX DJs Julie Kramer and Henry Santoro could be replaced by the right wing ramblings of Rush Limbaugh and Jay Severin?

That scenario could be nearing reality, if a change in the URL of Limbaugh and Severin’s home station, Talk 1200 Boston, is any indication.

The station, owned by Clear Channel Communications, now has its website located at talk1017.com – reflecting the spot on the FM dial that alternative Boston rock station 101.7 WFNX currently operates on.


Clear Channel began the process of purchasing WFNX in May from Phoenix Media/Communications Group, and the deal is pending FCC approval later this month.

The media giant immediately fired longtime DJs and reportedly left only a skeleton crew of staffers.

The alt-rock radio station has been a staple in the Hub for generations, bringing new music to listeners and remaining in tact when others like WBCN faded away -- until now, that is.

As news of the possible right-wing talk takeover spread Thursday, people took to Twitter to share their outrage.

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