Gov. Tom Corbett. Courtesy of Wiki Commons. Gov. Tom Corbett. Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett today announced plans to funnel more state funding towards domestic violence prevention programs, including a sexual violence hotline.

Corbett will ask the legislature for $2.2 million more for these programs in his 2014-15 budget proposal.

“Governor Corbett understands the importance of ensuring that we meet the needs of crime victims and that we do everything in our power to prevent these horrific crimes from taking place,” said Pennsylvania’s Victim Advocate Jennifer Storm in a statement announcing the plan.


The $2.2 million represents a 10 percent increase in funding.

Domestic violence funding will be bumped up from its current level of $13.9 to $15.3 million in state funding.

In addition to a 24/7 hotline and victim advocacy programs, the funding would support emergency shelters and financial aid.

Corbett's office called the proposed new state funding level "historic."

The $2.2 million also includes a proposed increase for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, which oversees 50 rape crisis centers in local communities, is nearly $800,000.

Another recipient of some of the proposed new funding is the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which supports 60-community based programs across the state and works with about 100,000 victims of domestic violence, Gov. Corbett's office said.


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