More than 50 cyclists will ride together to bash the MBTA for banning an anti-Scott Brown ad on trains and buses last month.

As a rebuttal, Boston residents that crowd-funded ads targeting Brown’s vote to gut the Clean Air Act are taking their message to the streets with a 15-foot Scott Brown puppet holding wads of cash.

Thursday, July 7, at 5 p.m. the group of cyclists will locate themselves outside of City Hall Plaza, with the puppet, wearing “Banned in Boston” t-shirts, towing giant black and orange billboards.

The display will be seen through the streets at the height of rush hour.

Last month the T told the grassroots group,, the ad blasting Brown violated the MBTA’s advertising guidelines because of its political stance.

The non-profit group was denied a contract to post the ads on the transit system.

However, representatives said they were not targeting Brown, but were merely targeting his vote.

According to Molly Haigh, a spokeswoman for the group, the campaign is part of a larger nationwide effort to hold politicians accountable for their votes against the Clean Air Act.

The campaign is also targeting Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio.

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