City officials may clear the road for retailers wanting to sell products, like clothing, out of trucks.

According to Susan Elsbree, spokesperson for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Hub is keen to discussing the prospect of allowing entrepreneurs to hawk apparel from mobile shops after an outpouring of support surfaced for Green Street Vault, a clothing truck on four wheels seen around Back Bay.

"We are bringing in stakeholders from the retail truck community, and we are also meeting separately with some business communities in neighborhoods to talk about this new, emerging type of business," she said.

Last month, city officials told Derrick Cheung, co-owner of Green Street Vault, to stop selling products because there are no permits for retail trucks in the Hub.

But now, that could change.


"They are doing fact-finding, but I think it will go well. This is pretty much exactly what we wanted," said Cheung.

Elsbree said the BRA will also look at the current hawkers and peddlers license to try and revamp the regulations.

The current license, which kept Green Street Vault from continuing its sales in the Back Bay and around Newbury Street, dates back to 1908, according to Elsbree.

"It's out of date. … It's still not reflective of some new entrepreneurial retail businesses we are seeing in the city," she said, adding that the BRA is "absolutely" open to working with the retail truck community — something that makes Cheung optimistic.

"Change is going to happen, and that's an amazing feeling," he said.

Popping up on Newbury Street

While the owners of Green Street Vault are stalled from selling shirts from their truck, they will set up shop on Newbury Street in pop-up style.

"“The Green Street Jungle," will run for eight weeks and will feature late hours, weekly events, live music and an art gallery.

The owners of Green Street vault teamed up with Annie Mulz to host the limited-time retail spot.

The pop-up opens May 5.

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