Boston and Cambridge police have linked Marcos Colono to two horrific attacks two years apart.

The Cambridge resident was arrested yesterday for an August home invasion where an 11-year-old boy was raped. Fingerprint and DNA evidence also connect Colono to the 2008 rape of two college-aged women in Brighton.

“This was a terrible, heinous, horrific attack which included sexual assault and a stabbing that left the father in critical condition,” Middlesex DA Gerry Leone said of the home invasion.

The brother of an 18-year-old who was stabbed to death by a Harvard graduate in 2003, Colono entered a not-guilty plea in Cambridge District Court yesterday on charges of home invasion, armed assault with intent to murder and two counts of rape of a child by force.

Held on $1-million bail, Colono has yet to be charged for the Boston rapes.

A DNA database matched a bloody handprint at the Cambridge scene to Colono’s prints from a 1998 marijuana arrest. Evidence from the 2008 rapes also matched the August assault.

“Today he has a name, he has a face and he’s behind bars,” Suffolk County DA Dan Conley said.

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