Right now, you can get Luis the Disney digital camera he requested (they run from $12 to $50) or a gift for hundreds of other kids for whom Metro is buying toys this holiday season.

Metro has partnered with New York Cares Winter Wishes and Toys for Tots NYC. Both groups seek to give holiday gifts to thousands of needy children, many of whom would otherwise receive nothing this season.

Want to help out? It’s easy. You can donate a gift online by going on to www.metro.us and clicking on the “Metro Magic” logo in the top left corner. You will be redirected to ToysRUs.com, where you can purchase a gift online. All gifts will be mailed to the Metro offices; and on Dec. 17, volunteers from Toys for Tots will come pick up the presents.


Also, we want to reward any one of Metro's 600,000-plus readers who are helping out New York's less-fortunate kids. If you bought a gift through “Metro Magic,” send an
e-mail now to charity@metro.us. Those who donate will have a chance to win prizes ranging from an autographed Jets football to tickets to Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular.

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