Greg Wetzel had repeatedly told his three young children to stay off of the subway tracks, but he broke his own rule of the rail Saturday when he saved a woman's life at the West 72nd Street station.

According to the Daily News, Greg Wetzel and his kids saw a commotion on the platform near a woman unconscious on the tracks. Wetzel jumped down from the platform while his kids watched with terrified yells.

Several other bystanders were able to pull Wetzel and the 50-year-old woman back onto the platform just a minute before the No. 1 train pulled up to the station.

Wetzel told the Daily News that it was "mildly ironic" to jump on the tracks after all the years of telling his kids to stay off.


But Wetzel said there was a lesson to be learned for his two sons, ages 6 and 7, and his daughter, age 4.

"That should give them a healthy fear of the platform," he said.

The unidentified woman was taken to Roosevelt Hospital following the rescue, according to the report.

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