A pit bull, being called "the hero dog" for saving her owners life, left
a Hub animal hospital over the weekend to go home and recover.


the 8-year-old dog who was struck by a train last week after she
frantically dragged her owner out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, was
reconnected with her family Saturday following a leg amputation and
serious surgery.


According to a spokesman from the Angell Animal Medical Center, Lilly will be living with Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne.


Lilly was originally a present given by Lanteigne to his mother for therapy purposes.


On May 4, Lantiegne's mother, Christine Spain, collapsed on train tracks
in Shirley, Massachusetts and Lilly pulled her off of the tracks at the
last second as a train came barreling towards them.


Lilly was unable to get out of the way in time, but survived the accident.

She was rushed to the Angell Animal Medical Center where she had her leg amputated and underwent emergency surgery.

Lilly will require extensive physical therapy as she continues on her
road to recovery, according to officials from the animal hospital.

The MSPCA has already named Lilly the 2012 Animal Hero Award winner—an
award that is given out every October at the MSPCA’s annual Hall of Fame


As of the weekend, people donated $76,000 to Lilly to help with her
surgical expenses. The dog will require extensive physical therapy
following a leg amputation. All of the additional money will be used to
treat other financial needs cases as well as to meet the medical needs
of homeless animals in the MSPCA’s shelters.