The Brooklyn district attorney’s office took down a high-end escort, drug and prostitution ring yesterday, but one ex-madam says the bust only netted small fish — and that larger, more exclusive prostitution circles are still operating right under officials’ noses.

Seventeen people were allegedly involved in the Sheepshead Bay operation — nicknamed “High Class NY” — which officials say took in more than $2 million a year. Some clients dropped $10,000 a night on the women, referred to as “models.”

“Nothing good happens in Sheepshead Bay,” sniffed Kristin Davis, 35, the Upper East Side ex-madam who did jail time for running the call girl service patronized by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. “If you’re big, you’re in Manhattan because that’s where the money is.”

High Class NY advertised on Craigslist and But the big operations don’t need to advertise at all, Davis said. There are three or four big escort agencies in New York, and they avoid the law by keeping a set list of private members, she explained, and by frequently changing their names and websites.

The busted brothel had 25 women on call at any given time, but in her heyday, Davis said she employed at least 120.

“I don’t think they have enough resources to go after the big guys,” said Davis of law enforcement.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said “High Class NY” catered to Wall Street types and offered drugs as well. Customers would use codes, such as “I’d like a bottle of Champagne,” to order cocaine.

High-paid Wall Street workers and escorts go hand in hand, Davis said.

"These guys party for two days straight and they want company for the entire time," she said. "No one wants to party alone."

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