A pig's plight was the subject a court hearing in Brockton Wednesday as
an owner is trying to seek his pet's release from city officials.

Ruiz said his 3-year-old pot-bellied pig named "Porkchop" was taken by
Brockton Animal Control officials Friday morning after many months of
battling the city over having the pig at his home.

An animal
control official confirmed yesterday that the pig was being held, but
referred questions to the city’s Health Department. Health Department
officials did not return requests for comment.

At a court hearing
yesterday, Ruiz argued that he was in the process of relocating
"Porkchop" to a friend’s Easton farm when animal control officials lured
him away and took custody of him.


"I was never given an
opportunity to remove the pig from Brockton because he was stolen," an
upset Ruiz told Metro yesterday. "Now they’re holding my property and
that’s unlawful."

Ruiz said a judge gave him until next week to
secure paperwork that documents "Porkchop" would be allowed in his new
town and legal under regulations. Only then would the pig be released,
Ruiz said.

Ruiz said he's paid many citations in the past,
consisting of $15 to $25, as the city has attempted to keep his pig
penned. Recently, the city told Ruiz "Porkchop" had to leave the city by
Oct. 19. He said he was getting ready to relocate the pig that morning
and left him at his brother’s nearby yard to load up his car. That’s
when "Porkchop" disappeared.

Some neighbors have complained about the pig's presence, but others have enjoyed having the swine around, Ruiz said.

pig brings a lot of joy to the city. I take that pig everywhere, car
shows, I take him to work with me … I take him to the beach, people just
enjoy him," Ruiz said. "They're wasting all this time and paperwork
over nothing."