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Homeless man’s ‘golden voice’ brings him to TV

The man with the “golden voice” now has a golden job here in NewEngland.

The man with the “golden voice” now has a golden job here in New England.

Ted Williams, a formerly homeless drug addict who gained almost overnight celebrity when a YouTube video of his deep, clear voice went viral, now works for New England Cable News.

“It’s going to be my bread and butter,” Williams said yesterday while getting ready to depart Boston for his home in Ohio.

Williams debuted last night as the voice of NECN’s 9 p.m. news show and will record promos and teasers for the nightly news program.

“It’s an inspiring story,” said Stacey Marks-Bronner, NECN’s station manager. “His voice just breaks through and there’s nobody else on the air in this market with the kind of depth and bass that he’s got.”

Williams was spotted by a reporter on the side of an Ohio interstate while panhandling and holding a sign that read, “I have a God-given gift of voice.” The reporter made the video and posted it online in January. It was then viewed millions of times.

The job offers and money started pouring in for Williams, who was even offered a job as the announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Herald-News in Ohio reported earlier this year that the job never came about because of Williams’ trips to rehab.

Williams has discussed his addiction publicly on the “Dr. Phil” show and in other media. He said yesterday that he is on a program, lives with a sober housemate and takes it one day at a time.

Marks-Bronner said the station is not worried about Williams.

“We’ll be here for him as long as he’s here for us,” she said. “I believe in him and … and I’m hoping he’s on the road to a very successful future and career.”

Jobless to job list

Ted Williams has had numerous job and television offers since he became an Internet sensation. Here are some of his announcing jobs and television appearances:

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