What started as two high school buddies booking shows and making band T-shirts has spiraled into an internationally recognized clothing company bred from the banks of Boston.

On Tuesday, Regan Smith Clarke, a T-shirt company on the rise in the Hub, launched its 2011 summer series of shirts and apparel. With it, the duo behind the project has gassed their marketing gears and started a national ploy to plant their products around the country.

Co-founder and creator Regan Smith Clarke, along with partner Nicholas Porter, ventured to a San Francisco fair this week to set up shop and sell the brands Prohibition-era style printed shirts.

But back home, they are relying on their Bay State backers to boost the newest vintage line.

“A lot of people have vintage-inspired clothing lines. But there is no clear definition for it. To be cohesive and stand out more, it’s better to focus on one specific time frame,” said Clarke of his newest line.

In March, while getting ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary as a company, Clarke and Porter beat out 63 other clothing brands in an international “March Madness”-style T-shirt throw down.

Through aggressive tweeting and Facebook marketing, Porter pushed the Clarke name, taking the gold in the 2011 T-Madness Challenge.

Porter said the new line of clothes is the first step before a winter launch and, eventually, their own Boston storefront.