Honest T: Good samaritan returns wad of cash found on Red Line

If you found half a grand on the subway, would you turn it in?

With its tight quarters and eclectic personalities, the T can be a breeding ground for negative energy, so it's a welcome surprise when another rider actually makes your day better - $548 better, to be exact.


On Tuesday, a Dorchester house keeper was reunited with an envelope filled with $548 of cash thanks to a good samaritan who found the money while riding a Red Line train on Friday and turned it into Transit Police.


"Occasionally we hear concerns from our riders regarding a fellow passenger's rudeness or in some cases the fundamental lack of civility displayed towards one another while riding the MBTA," Transit Police said in a statement on its blog today. "Although we believe individuals who behave in such a manner while utilizing the T is an extremely small percentage, (this) may restore your faith in the MBTA rider sitting next to or across from you."


According to Transit Police, the man who found the envelope was not the only decent person on that train. He asked his fellow riders if the envelope belonged to any of them, and not one person claimed it was theirs.

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