Record-breaking heat and oppressive humidity hit the Hub Thursday on the first full day of summer.

Metro took to the streets with our trusty thermometer to get a reading on just how much discomfort the city was enduring.

At 1:30 p.m., it was 89 degrees on the Red Line platform at Park Street station.

"It's hot down here. There's no AC. These fans don't work, they just blow hot air," Kenny McFarling said as he waited for the T.

Above ground, Andrew Smith was sunning himself on a Boston Common hill. After two hours and two bottles of water, Smith said he wasn't bothered by the temperature, which, by 1:45 p.m., hit 95 degrees there. The temperature in Boston would officially hit 96 degrees, besting the record by one degree.


"I think people are definitely being wimpy about it because we haven't had a hot day in a while," said Smith. "People should get out, drink lots of water and enjoy it -- because who knows what the weather will be like next."

The counter at Ben & Jerry's on Newbury Street was a cool 78 degrees, which was good news for employee Eamonn Carroll.

"We haven't had a moment's peace. We just scoop the ice cream nonstop, so my arm is going to be feeling it tonight," he said.

While the rising mercury didn't seem to stop Bostonians from hoofing it around town, drinking their iced coffees, or even covering themselves in work suits and cardigans, there was one question Metro had to ask.

Was it too hot to hook up?

"Definitely not, because it's going to be hot when we're done anyway," said Jason Moore as he cooled off at Carson Beach, which hit 101 degrees at 3:30 p.m. "As long as we have a nice place to cool off afterward, you know?"

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