Moxie the dog has his own cookie catering line and a blog under way. He’s not a household name yet but at a panel yesterday on pets and social media his ears were perked along with his owner’s Andi Jompole, for tips from Twitter’s most famous cat: Sockington.


Sockington, who lives in Massachusetts with computer historian Jason Scott, has 1.5 million Twitter followers, a “Socks Army” fan club and a T-shirt line. He’s been in People, on CNN and is “one to watch” says Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. (Scott spends five hours a month writing Sockington’s posts — a program posts them randomly.)


The cat’s career has inspired those who strive to turn their pet into a Web sensation (and potential profit maker). Selling your pet out “will work in the short term but you will die slow and alone, drinking wine,” Scott warned.


“Sometimes things can snowball,” Scott pointed out, recounting Sockington’s request for gifts. “Someone sent him 50 pounds of Ahi tuna. Then he stopped asking for things.” Scott said he’s rebuffed marketers, but Sockington does have an agent and is toying with a book.

Bella Starlet, a reality TV star dog with a clothing line, has 1,000 Twitter followers, but her owner, Beth Joy Knutsen, noted fans range from South Africa to Slovenia. “Bella is more famous than Sockington,” she said. “She’s world-famous.”