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How to prepare for Hurricane Sandy

City officials have tips for what to do before, and during, the storm.<br />&nbsp;

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, city officials are urging residents to stay safely indoors rather than tempting fate in high winds and rains.

To find out which zone you are in, visit nyc.gov or click here.

Here are some additional tips they offer for storm preparedness:

Before the storm

Keep bottled water, flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, medications, essential documents, a little cash and non-perishable food on hand

Bring inside trash cans, lawn furniture and toys, along with other loose and lightweight objects

Take everything off roofs and terraces

Clean out storm drains and rain gutters

Secure windows and locks

Fill up a few big pots with water in case of power outages

Anchor gas grills and turn off propane tanks

Get forecast updates by visiting NYC.gov, calling 311 or signing up for “Notify NYC” emails or text alerts

Visit NYC.gov or call 311 to learn if your home is in an evacuation zone

Assist those friends, family members and neighbors with disabilities or special needs

During the storm

Avoid driving unless absolutely necessary

Use stairs instead of elevators

Close drapes and stay away from windows

Don’t walk on the beach or go surfing

Report power outages to Con Ed

Report flooding or downed trees by calling 311

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