nyc taxi Now you can slash the time you spend in a taxi.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Traffic is not the only factor that lengthens the precious time we spend in transit. If you're paying by card, it takes time to swipe your card, add a tip and complete your transaction as well. It only takes a minute, but New Yorkers know that one minute can make all the difference when you're crunched for time (and when are you not?).


It turns out you can swipe before you arrive at your destination - you don't even need to be near the end of your ride. According to Quartz, you can pay for your ride at any point.


Here's how:


1. Tap the "pay by card" screen.


2. Swipe.


3. Choose your tip amount.

4. Answer whether or not you want a receipt.

That's all you need to do in order to jump right out of the car once you get to your destination. Now you can think of all of the things you can do with that extra New York minute.

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