oleg roitman human computer Oleg Roitman drives a cab and is known as the Human Computer.
Credit: Oleg Roitman


Do you remember where you were when Metro launched on May 5, 2004? Oleg Roitman, the cab driver better known as the "Human Computer," does.


"It was a Wednesday," he told us. "I went to a conference for hand radio amateurs — people who connect to each other through Morse code and hand radios. I was interested in this many, many years ago, and I drove to Connecticut for a conference."


As is his habit, Roitman then asked for this reporter's birthday and instantly responded with the correct day of the week. He followed with his favorite joke: "What is the birthday of your first husband, second husband and your third husband?"


Roitman, who lives in Queens, has a remarkable memory and the unique ability to mentally calculate any day of the week if you give him the date.

If you're lucky, you may just take a ride with the Human Computer, who will sign a souvenir slip with your date of birth along with the day of the week. The certificate warns, "Do not try this at home, because your head is gonna explode!"

Roitman claims on his website that if you want to find him, there's a simple solution: "Just hold a $100 bill in your hands anywhere in New York City, and I will pick you up in no time!"

Move over, "Cash Cab."

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