If you are as indecisive as we are when it comes to ordering food and going out to eat, might we recommend you let Boston's Hidden Restaurants do the dirty work for you?

Today, the website unveiled its “Random Restaurant/Food Generator,” which acts like a "Wheel of Fortune" spinner that finds you places to eat...you guessed it...at random.

Simply click the category of your choice, whether you want steak tips in the city or a place with a view, and Boston's Hidden Restaurants will shoot a suggestion your way.

And it’s different each time.


The site says they will be adding more buttons over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

“Sometimes it's fun to randomly choose a place to go to, which is the basis of [the] new page that we recently created,” said the creators on their website. “Basically, the page randomly picks restaurants that we have featured on the site by food or other categories.”

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