Isn’t it possible to provide better information to stranded passengers trying to decide if they should find alternative transportation to work? Why can’t the train station ticket agents provide updates? -Connor James, Radnor


SEPTA does inform the ticket agents of canceled trains, but please realize that not all stations have a ticket agent and a majority of the locations with agents are only open until noon. ... If you have a mobile device with a fully functional browser, such as the iPhone or Android phones, you can get this same information from the Real Time portion of the SEPTA website.


The R7 Chestnut Hill East is consistently on time in the morning but frequently late for the evening commute. What’s the problem? -Linda Walters-Page, West Mount Airy


Evening outbound trains to Chestnut Hill East are vulnerable to delays on AMTRAK. SEPTA makes every attempt to operate these trains on time while on the SEPTA System. Unfortunately ... many of the evening outbound trips to Chestnut Hill originate on AMTRAK at Trenton and make connections with New Jersey Transit trains.

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