Max DiMezza shops at Green Aisle Grocery on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia. Credit: Charles Mostoller/METRO Max DiMezza shops at Green Aisle Grocery on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia. Credit: Charles Mostoller/METRO

Same-day delivery service Instacart announced today its added Green Aisle Grocery to its delivery list, a popular locally sourced food boutique with a location on East Passyunk Avenue and a second one opening on Grays Ferry Avenue.

Instacart just launched in Philadelphia in February and already, has a growing list of clients who order food from places like BJ’s and Whole Foods and even wine and liquor from Fine Wines & Good Spirits.

“It’s just been amazing,” said George Shotz, operations manager for Philadelphia. “Everyone seems to really appreciate the service.”


After an order is placed, shoppers will do your shopping for you. And even if you order from three separate stores, three separate shoppers will deliver within an hour.

You can even start an order list online, send a link to your spouse or roommate, and they can add items to it.

Shotz said the city is a great spot for this kind of service especially since so many startups and tech companies are starting right here. “It’s thriving. People are really into this.” Also, more non-drivers are moving into the city, making this service perfect for them.

Instacart has already launched Whole Foods, BJs, Super Fresh and then recently added Fine Wine. Green Aisle is the first local store to be added to the docket.

"It's a great store for us," Shotz said. "A lot of people in the city want food from these boutiques."

And it doesn't necessarily replace the shopping experience. Green Aisle, for example, sells some of their stuff at farmer's markets.

"We're not trying to replace people's experience," Shotz said. "They like to browse, talk to farmers."

But with this service, it takes out the inconvenience of shopping all around the city.

Shotz, a Philly native himself, said people just want more convenience. "The city is changing with the times. I have a car, I park it on the street. I take the bus to my office. I don't want to move my car because I won't find a spot for three hours."

Instacart is offering a special promotion for Metro Philadelphia readers. Go here and add the promotional code MetroPhilly to receive $10 off your first order and free deliver.

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