The Staten Island clown made his latest appearance on Sunday night.
Credit: @realvinnocente/Instagram

A clown creeping through Staten Island streets is leaving some residents more terrified than tickled.

The Staten Island Advance reported on Monday that the Internet has been rumbling with fear as photos surface of the man the paper hashtagged as the #SIclown.


The unidentified, menacingly browed jokester has been spotted near a few train stations in the borough over the last two weeks. Always in his yellow jumpsuit, red wig and pair of balloons, the clown waves or points at passersby from afar — more akin to Stephen King's Pennywise than Sunday morning's Bozo.

Police said on Monday that they have yet to receive any complaints about the clown creeping through the borough or loitering at train stops, but word is already getting out among Staten Islanders.

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