Boston’s colleges and universities are taking the blame for why GQ named the Hub the worst dressed city in the country.

The men’s magazine said dudes don’t know diddily when it comes to fashion, ranking Boston number one out of 40 fashion failed cities, comparing its style sense to a sewer drain populated with undergraduate hoodie-monsters.

Emmi Sorokin, a men’s image consultant and founder of It’s a Man’s World, said GQ isn’t far off.

Sorokin said there is a time and place for sports gear and sweats -- like a Sox game.

“When you’re out and about you never know who you will meet,” said Sorokin. “So you don’t want to dress schleppy.”

With a touch of education a guy can have a stylish look that is no harder to put together than the hoodie-and-athletic-socks get-up synonymous with Boston’s bros, she said.

Sorokin said it's also about finding clothes that fit.

"Women like that V-shape in a man."

But girls were also at fault.

GQ said Beantown ladies are easily impressed with the hoodie-wearing boys that pass off sportsgear as fashion.

They even pegged the city’s princesses as unfortunates “who don't realize that leggings-as-pants were supposed to be paired with tops large enough to conceal their camel toes.”

Kelsey Mason, 21, a student, said GQ’s opinion is skewed because it only looks at campus clothing trends.

“Student fashion can be low, but it's pretty upscale once you leave that age group,” she said.

Sedat Firat, 32, a design consultant, didn’t let dudes off the hook, regardless of age.

He said everyone is a “bro” with jean shorts or flip-flops and Bostonians think any garment is good to go.

“There are a lot of colleges in the area, but in general people get more comfortable everyday,” he said. “It is becoming too casual.”

Street Fashion

“Boston is a culture that never progresses. It’s always hoodies and jeans.”

-Natasha, 23.

“I saw a couple in sandals and pajamas the other day. I definitely think the college scene contributes to that.”

–Joseph Phommasith, 27

“Near BU it’s all hoodies. But Downtown people are pretty well dressed.”

-Chelsey Kaufman, 22

Top 5 men’s fashion mistakes*

1. Vibram shoes: “Don’t do it in public.”

2. Crocs: “Avoid these cheese-holed shoes at all cost.”

3. Dad Jeans on young guys: “These cause an unattractive silhouette. They are higher in rise and wide in thigh with a taper in the ankle ”

4. Dress shirts and jeans: “You wear a dress shirt with dress slacks.”

5. Pleaded khaki shorts with work out sneakers: “Stick to street-kicks, boys.”

*According to Boston image consultant Emmi Sorokin

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