5000 easter egg Is this the most expensive chocolate egg in New York?
Credit: Sugar and Plumm

You'd be lucky to find Sugar and Plumm's $5,000 egg on Easter Sunday.

The Upper West Side bistro and chocolatier unveiled what may just be New York's most expensive Easter egg. In a city where there are $250 burgers, $1,000 sundaes and people waiting in line for hours for some cronuts, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that there is now also a $5,000 Easter egg. (There are other New York confectioners that offer chocolate eggs for hundreds of dollars.)

What makes Sugar and Plumm's egg worth thousands of dollars? A spokesperson for the bistro told us that chocolatier Thierry Atlan and his team spent over two weeks creating and hand-painting the intricate egg. "The 40-pound chocolate masterpiece, is composed of edible white, dark and milk chocolate with intricately painted 3-D rabbits, clocks and gold detailed designs visible inside and outside of the egg," she said.


Sugar and Plumm owner Lamia Jacobs said of the egg, "What makes the egg so unique is the workmanship, attention to detail and the amount of time that has been put in to create this masterpiece."

She added, "We wanted to create something wonderful for guests to come in and see and also to discover what a special sculpture we made for Easter. It's also a great way for people to learn more about chocolate and the fact that beautiful art can be made with chocolate in addition to eating and enjoying the taste."

The giant egg stands 30 inches tall and has little rabbit figurines climbing in and out of the chocolate shell. The egg is clock-inspired with gears and clock hands.

The egg is available for purchase at Sugar and Plumm - no word on if the bistro's employees will help you hide the egg. Jacobs told Metro that if no one buys the egg, Sugar and Plumm will keep it in their commissary and put it in a chocolate museum they are planning for the future.

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