The is a quiet controversy cooking over one of the many signs hanging inside Spring Street's Rice to Riches.


The sign features caricatures of different cultures, each saying their own stereotypical expression.


An Orthodox Jew says, "Oy Vey!" A tribal African says, "Click Click Click!" A Kimono-wearing Japanese woman says, "Me Love You Long Time!" and so on.


The photo is featured on the tumblr Yo, Is This Racist? It was also posted on


Rice to Riches manager Ana Gallo told Metro customers have been offended by other signs at the eatery, but not this one. She mentioned signs that poke fun at both "skinny" and "fat" people. Gallo said she was surprised to hear about the controversy over this particular sign.

"We just wanted to do something different. We have lots of signs here that make fun of everything," Gallo said. "Nobody has ever said anything about that one."

Do you think the sign is racist?