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It's a war of words between Cambridge, Somerville

Somerville, Cambridge heads say their city is more interesting. Residents say they think other is tops.

The throwdown has begun.

A dispute that started with some comments made at a municipal meeting has boiled over and launched a battle in the Twitter world and among political leaders.

Leaders in both Cambridge and Somerville recently claimed that their city is more interesting than the other.

Twitter is referring to the disagreement as the SomerBridgeSmackdown.

“I want to declare here and now that Somerville is a far more interesting city than Cambridge with far more interesting places to visit,” Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone wrote in a commentary for Wicked Local Cambridge.

His comments were in response to what Cambridge City Councilor Ken Reeves said during a meeting, according to Wicked Local Somerville.

“Somerville has a very short list of not-that-interesting places. But they don’t have a lot of interesting places,” Reeves said.

Metro took a quick look at the quirky and hip locations in both the “People’s Republic of Cambridge” and “Slumerville” and found interesting places in both cities.

While Cambridge has MIT and Harvard, Somerville can lay claim to Tufts — at least part of it. You’d have to consider a campus that held Naked Quad Run interesting.

Both cities have a pair of great theaters; however, the Somerville Theatre, which serves alcohol, plays host to movies, concerts and “The Slutcracker.”

The music scene in Cambridge is tough to beat with its record stores and venues like the Middle East and T.T. the Bear’s.

We realize that Cambridge and Somerville are both pretty cool places to spend a slow afternoon or even a busy night out, but the smartest move in this whole dispute is that neither side chose to throw down with Boston.

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