If the hipsters of the L train think they're all high and mighty with
their subway platform cell phone service, they've got another thing
coming -- more stations are scheduled to get cell service in the next twelve months!

Soon it won't just be Williamsburg hipsters playing Angry Birds while they wait for the train -- it will also be meatheads in Chelsea and yuppies in the Upper West Side playing Angry Birds while they wait for the train! No word yet on when Park Slope parents will get service; until then, they'll just have to pay attention to their children.

Here's a handy map we made!


And if you have some weird thing against maps, here are the stations in text form:

5 Av (N)(Q)(R)

7 Av (B)(D)(E)

18 St (1)

23 St (1)

23 St (N)(R)

28 St (1)

28 St (N)(R)

34 St-Herald Sq (B)(D)(F)(M)(N)(Q)(R)

47-50 Sts (B)(D)(F)(M)

49 St (N)(Q)(R)

50 St (1)

50 St (C)(E)

57 St (N)(Q)(R)

57 St (F)

59 St-Columbus Circle (A)(C)(B)(D)(1)

66 St (1)

72 St (1)(2)(3)

72 St (B)(C)

79 St (1)

81 St (B)(C)

86 St (1)

86 St (B)(C)

96 St (1)(2)(3)

96 St (B)(C)

Times Sq-42 St (1)(2)(3)(A)(C)(E)(N)(Q)(R)(7)(S)

[via Gothamist]

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