Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all passed, but it's still looking more like Halloween than Christmas in Central Square.


While there are signs of Christmas in the square -- the nearby fire station has a lit wreath hanging up -- there are dozens of plastic pumpkin buckets hanging from the street lights and dotting the area near Massachusetts Avenue and Sidney Street.


The decorations have caused some residents and area workers confusion.


"I think it's kind of odd and lazy," said Rachel Stigdon, a Cambridge resident, as she passed through the square this week.


The Central Square Business Association put up the decorative pumpkins before Halloween.

Robin Lapidus, the association's executive director, said that the pumpkins are a "seasonal" decoration and their being taken down was delayed when Hurricane Sandy hit.

She said the pumpkins would be taken down soon, likely this week, and replaced with lighted snowflakes ahead of an upcoming tree lighting.