jared remy boston Jared Remy will go on trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend.
Credit: Globe pool


Details of accused murderer Jared Remy's recent prison assault are becoming public.


Court records show that Remy, who is awaiting trial for the murder of his fiancee, Jennifer Martel, attacked a fellow inmate with a chair, bar of soap and hot liquid, the Boston Globe reported.A reason for the attack at the Cambridge prison has not been given.



Remyis scheduled to be arraigned April 24 in Cambridge District Court on nine assault charges stemming from the incident, and will enter a plea of not guilty, his lawyer told the Globe.

“Under the best of circumstances, jail is a very difficult place,” Remy's lawyer Edward P. Ryan told the Globe. “There is a constellation of circumstances that may be at the bottom of this incident. I expect to investigate the matter fully and prepare an appropriate defense.”

Remy sustains that he is not guilty of brutally murdering Martel last summer.Authorities saidRemy repeatedly stabbed Martel, the mother of his daughter, Arianna, during an argument at the couple's apartment in Waltham in August.

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