The JetBlue flight was headed from Fort Myers to Boston. (Metro file photo) JetBlue planes.
(Metro file photo)

A Newton mother has received an apology from JetBlue after a flight attendant refused to let her daughter use the plane's bathroom, causing the girl to urinate on herself.

Jennifer Devereaux said the company apologized on Saturday for the incident that took place on a flight from New York to Boston earlier this month, according to WBZ.

Devereaux was traveling with her two daughters when her 3-year-old, Summers, had to use the bathroom while the plane was delayed on the tarmac. Devereaux said the flight attendant refused to let her out of her seat. Summers urinated in her seat.


When Devereaux went to clean it up, the flight attendant scolded her again, Devereaux said. The flight attendant then told the pilot, who turned the plane back toward the gate and announced there was an unruly passenger on board that they were turning over to security.

However, an off-duty pilot sitting nearby came to Devereaux's defense convinced the crew to let her stay onboard.

Devereaux said JetBlue apologized, offered her a credit and $5,000 toward a charity of her choice.

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