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JFK wins for worst airport

All three New York City airports made a list of 10 worst global airports.

Well, New Yorkers, your airport options are limited, according to Frommers.

In a sweep of sorts, all three New York City airports made a list of 10 worst airports in the entire world -- and Kennedy Airport clinched the top slot.

Calling JFK’s Terminal 3, which houses Delta, a “decrepit, crumbling chunk of concrete,” Frommers criticized its long, basement-level immigration lines, underground sidewalk and dirty hallways.

But JFK doesn’t get all the attention.

Newark’s Terminal B made the list too, and Frommers blasted the Port Authority, which it called “a hideously mismanaged money sink that does a poor job of responding to air travelers’ needs.”

Terminal B, which includes Air France, British Airways, Delta and Virgin, Frommer continued, “is an awfully dull airport to wait for a flight in.”

LaGuardia snuck in right by Newark, which Frommers said lacks any rail link and has small terminals that don’t “measure up” to the traffic.

US Airways in particular is the worst, Frommers argued, because it is “dull and sad” without even an atrium or new food options like neighboring spaces.

Here’s the full list. What do you think? Does JFK deserve the title?

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