Coach Reid has been a very important part of the Philadelphia Eagles for the past 14 years. And when you’re the Birds coach in this town, you not only represent the team, you also represent the city.


The fans -- the very heart and soul of this franchise -- also represent the city of Philadelphia and its credo of "brotherly love." I understand your angry and extremely frustrated with the second year in a row of football failure in South Philadelphia. The obvious punching bag is big, bad Red.


Should the coach move on? That's an obvious yes: for the good of the organization and, of more importance, for his health, his family and a time to reflect on the overwhelming bomb that has been dropped on this man (the loss of his son under his watch at training camp earlier this year.) Let's not forget this man worked his ass off to win, not only for the organization but for the fans and the city of Philadelphia. From all reports Andy appears to be a man of moral character loved by his players who surround their now defeated General.


But for the past 14 years, Andy continues to put the blame squarely on himself no matter how crazy it drove us all. I'm not going into the x's and o's of the game as I'm not a sports expert. But I do know this: the man should be given his due respect. He has been in our homes for over a decade, part of our family if you will. We as fans represent the city of Philadelphia and the nation will be watching tonight -- waiting for it to get ugly, shots of fans with bags over their heads, chants of fire Andy. This is your chance Philly to represent. Give Andy his due respect, acknowledge he gave it his all good or bad and let's do the right thing. You want to get rid of the throwing snowballs at Santa image forever? How about a 30-second applause for Big Red. Is this asking too much? Let the man walk away on his own with some warmth still left in his heart for the city of Philadelphia.


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