Definition of hate: Feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).


Welcome to the world of social media ... Twitter, Facebook, emails, linkedin, etc, the endless stream of information, news, sports, politics, gossip, the new wave of instantaneous information. We should thank the tech gurus of this world for such a plethora of information, right?


You would think. However, there should be a big warning attached to the use of social media: "The use and abuse of this hotline to the world could be dangerous to one's mental health, well being, and in some cases lead to meltdowns, self destruction, lawsuits, loss of employment and the overall quality of life."


If you have been linked to the world of social media I can almost guarantee you have taken a personal hit. Most of us use this line of communication for what it was intended for: information, connecting with friends and the pipeline to the world. Unfortunately, it also serves as a vehicle for social media warfare. There are zero checks and balances, tons of personal attacks, inaccurate or unconfirmed news. It can ruin your marriage, destroy your image and, in some cases, destroy your life.


The haters or cowards which hide behind the cloak of anonymity love to throw the poisonous venom. I guess in reality this is the social melting pot of America. As my dad would say to me "get tough cream puff it's a tough world out there and only the strong survive" God bless his soul he was correct.

So my advice for you who have still not yet ventured headfirst into the world of social media -- as well as those of you who are in full throttle -- let the haters hate, let the lovers love, be strong, stay cool and be true to yourself. Take control of things that only you can control.

It's a tough world out there and nobody likes a "cream puff."

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