An 8-year-old boy may have a career as a demolition derby driver after he crashed a car into a Dorchester home yesterday morning.

Fire crews responded to the crash at 64 Mascot St., just before 8:30 a.m.

When they arrived they found a BMW 328i that had backed through the front porch of the home.

The boy was out of the car and back home by the time emergency crews arrived.

He was not seriously hurt.


Fire officials said the boy managed to back the car out of a driveway, across the narrow street and between two parked cars before hitting the porch.

Firefighters had to install support columns because the crash damaged a stone foundation and the porch roof was in danger of possibly collapsing. Building inspectors were called to the scene. Fire officials estimated damage at $80,000.

As repair crews worked on the home, the owner walked away and declined comment to a reporter.

However, he briefly said that he planned on insurance covering the damages to his home and that he was glad no one was seriously hurt.

No one answered the door at the child's home yesterday.

Police said that they spoke to the boy's mother who told them that he was responsible for the crash.

"According to the owner, her son started the car which was in her driveway [and] placed it into reverse," police said.

The homeowner was home at the time and heard the crash. When he came outside to see what happened, he saw a young boy running from the scene, police said.

The boy was taken to Boston Medical Center as a precaution.

Stupid kids

A father in Orlando, Fla., was arrested last year after a neighbor saw his 18-month-old son drinking from beer cans outside the home.

In another case of youth drivers, a 4-year-old boy took his mother's SUV for a joyride in California and crashed it after driving briefly through rush-hour traffic. He was not badly hurt.

A toddler in Australia became stuck inside a toy vending machine game earlier this year when he crawled inside. It actually wasn't the first time it happened. A Pennsylvania girl did the same thing in 2010.

Parents no better

Police in Fort Wayne, Ind., this week arrested a couple for allegedly strapping their four children to the hood of the car with a tow strap before leaving a liquor store. Both parents have been charged with neglect and the father with driving while intoxicated.

Two Florida grandparents were arrested in April after police say they hooked their granddaughter's plastic toy car to their SUV using dog leashes and gave her a ride. The grandfather was charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment and driving with a suspended license and the grandmother is facing a child endangerment charge.
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