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De Blasio appoints Julie Menin to run agency overseeing paid sick leave law

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday appointed Julie Menin to lead the Department of Consumer Affairs.

julie menin Mayor Bill de Blasio appoints Julie Menin as Commissioner of Department of Consumer Affairs at City Hall on Thursday.
Credit: Rob Bennett for the Office of Mayor Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday appointed Julie Menin to lead the Department of Consumer Affairs, the agency tasked with enforcing the city's recently-expanded paid sick leave law.

"She had a very accomplished career as an attorney, with a particular emphasis on consumer law," de Blasio said on Thursday, according to a transcript from his office. "She understands the mission of the Department of Consumer Affairs through that legal perspective -- very purely -- what it means to enforce laws that are meant to protect everyday citizens."

The department enforces enforces protection laws and will overseeing compliance of the paid sick leave law, recently expanded by de Blasio and the City Council.


Starting in 2005, Menin served as chairwoman for Manhattan's Community Board 1 for three terms. De Blasio praised her role in aiding lower Manhattan's recovery after Sept. 11 while tackling complicated issues like Occupy Wall Street's encampment and the plan for an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero.

Menin said a nonprofit she helped build following the attacks, called Wall Street Rising, focused on aiding small businesses.

"In that capacity," she said. "I heard time and time again on countless occasions from small businesses who did not understand why they were receiving punitive fines and, quite honestly, did not know how to even fix the problem."

A former restaurant owner, Menin unsuccessfully ran for Manhattan Borough President last year.

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