Anthony Nicodemo Anthony Nicodemo. Credit: PPD

A mistrial was declared today in the trial of a reputed mob soldier charged with murder for a December 2012 daylight shooting.

While the trial for Anthony Nicodemo, 42, charged with murder for the death of Gino DiPietro, is over, Nicodemo will be retried, the D.A.'s office announced today.

Judge Jeffrey Minehart declared the mistrial after the number of jurors was reduced to 11, below the minimum of 12, according to the Inquirer.


The trial began last week, but one alternate juror had to leave on the second day after reportedly reading media coverage of the case.

On Tuesday, two more jurors did not appear in court and Judge Minehart ruled that the trial could not continue.

"A mistrial was declared today in the murder trial of Anthony Nicodemo due to issues involving a juror," said Tasha Jamerson, press secretary for the office of D.A. Seth Williams, in a statement. "The gag order in this case remains in effect."

A hearing to reschedule the trial will take place in July, according to Jamerson.

Further details would not be forthcoming from D.A. Williams' office due to the gag order in this trial, a spokeswoman said.

DiPietro's murder took place on the 2800 block of Iseminger Street around 3 p.m. on Thursday, December 12, 2012.

Reports say DiPietro was targeted because he served as a federal informant on his cousin Victor DiPietro.

But prosecutors said during opening statements for this trial that the motive for the murder was unknown. No reference to Nicodemo's alleged ties to organized crime was made during trial.

They argued that Nicodemo is guilty of murder for serving as getaway driver. The gun used in the slaying was found in his vehicle after he was arrested.

But Nicodemo's lawyer argued that the shooter leapt into Nicodemo's car, held him hostage for a few minutes, then left the gun in the car and fled.

The shooter has not been charged.

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