Charges were dropped today against a man the NYPD arrested and charged with being the "dapper groper," accused of terrorizing Manhattan women.

The charges were dropped against Karl Vanderwoude after prosecutors saw security tapes and receipts that proved his alibi. Vanderwoude, 26, had repeatedly proclaimed his innocence after being arrested for what cops say was a series of gropes.

Police had said that a man they described as "dapper" was wanted for groping several women on the streets. Police say they are still looking for that suspect.

Evidence reportedly proving Vanderwoude's alibi was a dinner receipt from Otto on March 30, and tapes showing him at his office.


Vanderwoude said he’s not mad at police, according to the New York Post.

“They were acting on information they had and just doing their jobs,” he told the Post. “I trust they will find him [the real attacker].”

He would not comment on whether he has plans to sue the NYPD.

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