This morning, a 12-person New York jury acquitted two NYPD police officers who were accused of rape.

Officer Kenneth Moreno had been accused of raping a woman who they had been called to help because she was too drunk to get out of the cab.

The woman said Moreno raped her, while Franklin Mata stood watch outside.

The officers argued that no sexual contact occurred, and that Moreno had returned four times and faked a 911 call to get back to her apartment, but only to counsel the woman about her drinking.

Moreno said he kissed her forehead and admitted to "cuddling" with her on her bed, but he denied the rape charge.

The jury cleared him of the rape charge, but convicted both officers of official misconduct, a charge that could send them to jail for a year.


There was no DNA evidence in the case.

It took the jury seven days to reach a verdict.

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