Something is trying to sneak past our borders. It is capable of serious destruction and you might not even know it's there. That something is the khapra beetle.

This pesky insect can wreak havoc on agriculture. Native to India, these bugs can hide in burlap bags, corrugated boxes and animal hides. According to U.S.Customs and Border Protections, they are one of the 100 worst invasive species worldwide, which is why officials seem pretty concerned after finding 10 of them in the last 30 days.

The beetles were spotted in bags of safflower seeds that were being imported from India. CBP found some conspicuous khapra larvae. (One was alive and three were dead.)

“CBP Agriculture Specialists continually demonstrate their vigilance in intercepting these extremely destructive pests that could wreak significant damage to our agricultural and economic interests”, said Robert E. Perez, director of field operations.


In other news, bags of safflower seeds will now be made to pass through full-body scanners.

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