An over-height truck slammed into two electronic signs on I-93 Northbound in the Tip O'Neill Tunnel today just before 10 a.m., causing temporary delays and a search for the driver, MassDOT said today.


The driver struck two "Lane Use Signals" inside the I-93 Northbound O’Neill Tunnel.


The signals are used as traffic control devices and drivers may know them as the devices that display green arrows or red "x’s" to steer traffic to or from certain lanes.


The first signal hit was located near the entrance to the I-93 Northbound Tunnel and the second was hit by Exit 26, the Storrow Drive exit, said MassDOT Spokesman Michael Verseckes.


"MassDOT is working in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police to identify the over height vehicle. The investigation includes the review of video from the tunnel," Verseckes said.


The over height vehicle alarm was triggered before the incident happened.

MassDOT has removed both hanging Lane Use Signals and the all lanes were re-opened to traffic before 11 a.m., Verseckes said.